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CHOCOLOL – Lots of Love

CHOCOLOL – making people happy is a Colombian – Finnish family business that since 2009 produces cacao in the department of Tolima in Colombia.

A sustainable and organic agriculture project committed to the environment and supporting the small Colombian farmers.

The trees in the farm are pruned and fertilized in a natural way in order to achieve the best quality.

Fertilizers nor pesticides are being used in the farm and important value for Chocolol is a healthy ecosystem where rich biodiversity exists.


Background and the philosophy of the project

In 2009 the founders of Chocolol chocolates, Colombian artist German Bernal and his wife Netta Varga, Finnish contemporary dancer decided to make a major change in their lives. They decided to leave their old lives behind in Europe and move to Colombia pursuying after a dream of creating a project in the country side. This would allow them to reconnect with the land and to take care of the native forest, waters and especially to recover the existing cacao plantation on the farm.

 Cacao, which is a native and ancestral plant from the Americas has a very significant role in the current peace process in Colombia. Instead of cultivating coca it is time to redeem the real value of cacao and return to the roots and a long tradition.

As a result of all this the project ARCAPACHA, a down-to-earth artistic residency program was born.

Alongside of the residency program during the next coming 10 years Netta and German learned more about organic cacao cultivation. They understood that in order to make the ARCAPACHA project sustainable they had to process their own cacao from tree to bar.

Numbers speak for themselves!

4800 +
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Curated products
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Registered trademark Finally in 2018 they took the big leap forwards and registered their own chocolate brand called CHOCOLOL- Lots of love. The dream was to create an organic chocolate brand simbolizing the change, that people wish to see in todays world. Promoting happiness and more humane values. Creating a consciousness of clean food, which is equivalent creating an economy of clean money. The Vision The vision from CHOCOLOL is protecting the environment for future generations, paying respectful salaries and educating the local farmers, giving them an example of sustainable agriculture, so that they can stay at their homes and work the land instead of having to leave for cities. In despite of the challenging political climats in many countries in the world, CHOCOLOL wants to send a positive message of the transformational power in people. Each one of us has dreams to pursue and every choise we make will bring us closer to our dreams. Together as a community we will make the change. CHOCOLOL honours the immaterial ancestral inheritance and reminds us that we are the future ancesters and what we choose to leave behind for the coming generations is LIFE.

Why monkey as a simbol of Chocolol?

The symbol of the CHOCOLOL monkey is inspired by Chichén Itza and the Mayan culture. Cacao was a product that conferred social, economic and religious value in ancient Mesoamerica. The appreciated grain at that time was used as a currency, but also it was included in religious and secular festivities.

The monkey depended on cocoa as food and was a seed disperser. Therefore, it can be considered as a provider and donor of cacao, since it contributes to its natural cycle.

Like the monkey from Mesoamerica, CHOCOLOL wants to cultivate awareness and offer an organic product from seed to bar respecting life.


Single Origin Cacao


Our chocolates are made with organic single origin cacao with fine aroma, characteristics that are attributed to the richness of the soils. The trees are grown in the middle of native forests in the department of Tolima, Colombia.

The Fermentation process allows to achieve the maximum of aromas and flavors. This stage is carried out in wooden boxes made out of Nogal-trees, a native tree from the region, and can last between 2 and 8 days depending on the temperatures in the process.

The Roasting and the Husking of the bean is done according to the type of grain and the humidity that presents to obtain the best results in the flavor. After having roasted the grains we remove the shell to obtain the cacao “nibs”.

Next, we proceed to grind our cacao to transform it into the dough that will become the cacao liquor. Finally, the Conching and the Tempering, which corresponds to the refinement of the liquor, with which the texture and flavor is improved and harmonized through changes in temperature that form the crystals and thus results in a quality chocolate.

CHOCOLOL has a line of fine artisan chocolates in bars of 40 g and 80 g. All the ingredients used for the bars are premium quality. 8 varied flavors such as dark chocolate Sublime Noir 80%, Chili Pepper 70%, Lemon with sea salt 70%, Orange 60%, Cranberry 45%, Almond with milk 45%, Almond with sea salt 45% and Cocoa with nibs 45 %.

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